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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Heat


Here is my interpretation of heat, the first is heat from Sun, during summers last year (actually all three are from last year) The cornfield was all dry plants and the sun was quite hot and clouds tried to give some relief.

The second and third pictures are of campfire different locations and different seasons.

The 2nd pic was made to bake marshmallows, at one of our friends home. In the 3rd pic, we tried enough to make fire, but it ended up in smoke only, the sticks and leaves had moisture in them, the learning for kids were to make fire the woods, leaves, and paper have to be dry :).

IMG_20171007_141805 (1)
Corn farm Late Summer!


Summer – Fire pit ready for Marshmallows
Screenshot_2018-01-09-22-04-47 (1)
Late Fall Fire, It was just for few minutes, the wood sticks had moisture in them 🙂