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देख कर तेरा गम,  ना जाने क्यूं ये दिलभर आया है,

रुका था जो आंसू कहींआंखों से बाहआया है – HPKahin

Sometimes when you see someone else in pain you pray and feel that pain, in your heart. It becomes difficult to hide tears at times, feeling same!

This one I wrote on last Friday but did not publish it, I met, or I should say I saw some people in who are not doing good, the energy there was so shady, trust and faith were missing.

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let me FLY…

परवाज़ ली है मैंने ,
लौट कर आउंगी इक दिन अपनी ही शाख पर,
पर अभी मुझे उड़ने दो,
परवाज़ ली है मैंने, मैं हूं ज़िंदगी



I have taken a flight, let me fly,
will come back on my branch, when my will,

I have taken a flight, let me fly,

let me fly, higher and higher!