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On a long on road trip…

Hey friends,

Just a little update, I am on travel and will be back soon!

By the time I might be online a few times, may not be able to respond.

Here are the pics just a few from our trip:)

Keep smiling and enjoy!!

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Hey, this one got featured in Poet’s Corner today!!

Poet's Corner

Submitted by FeelPurple


two journeys together,

one which is caring for kids as a mother,

collecting pennies for the future,

living and doing the daily chore,

cleaning and making the pancake batter,

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gLimMer-stoRies so fAr


The journey I traveled so far,

has a story to tell,

that glimmers, and glitters,

To bring some shine in my eyes,

Every milestone I have,

kept under a glimmering moonlight,

Whenever I see you, you don’t seem apart,

Oh dear! come let’s weave some more stories,

in this dark night,

with keeping the hope of shiny star!




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Just One more Out of This World!

My one more entry for WPC Out of the World theme.

The below image again comes from my kitchen, turmeric in water and reflection of my hand if you can find it!

Out of the world looks like close view of some outer shell of a planet.

How do you like this according to theme or not? Please Share!

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