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ysseMMessy:A sToRy oFf A wOmAn

Messy, there is a mess all around me at this point in time, and instead of organizing the mess I am writing this post. I promise to myself I will organize it after writing this.

This is from one of my housemaid I had, and what she used to tell me about this incidence. Now I don’t meet her but talk to her over the phone.

She is going through a big mess in her life. After 8 years of marriage, her past came into the picture. Her husband came to know that she had a boyfriend before their wedding.  Now he is doubtful that she might be seeing him even now, and he is not aware of all this for last 8 years. She has three kids the youngest is 2 years. She remained busy with her family kids husband and her own poor health all these years. Many times she tried to convince her husband that she is not having an affair with anyone, and it was her past, before marriage. The doubt in his brain has made it a messy thing, he is not ready to understand.

She has been doing everything for the family, without taking care of herself. All these years nobody noticed her sleepless nights, dark circles under her eyes and her messy hairs. No one noticed, her efforts to overcome their low-income status, what struggle she was having to have happy kids and healthy family. Now its even worse, she is under doubt all the time (24 hours).  Still, she is worried about her kids, she wants to retain her marriage as being more family oriented. She has left her job just to convince her husband that she has no affair.

I call her sometimes only, as her husband doubts even on phone calls, keeps a check to whom she is talking.

I just wonder how is it possible that sometimes your past can mess up all your present and future. Right now she is having a really messy life, what a stress she might be going on.  I feel her pain, she can’t even share it with anybody now, as she is almost captive in her own house. I pray that she comes out of this difficult time and enjoy her life again.

Let the past go, don’t be chaotic and messy with your present life.


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11 Out of this World Special – WPC

Hope I am not late!

So I was thinking, about the theme, Out Of This World! Scrolled all my pictures and found few very nice one’s skies, waves with sunset lights on them, leaves and lot more. But, during my regular cooking in the afternoon, I saw some alien stuff in my kitchen. I could not choose only one so sharing some of them. All these pics looked so much out of the world.

Do you identify what these things are?  I would love to hear from you, would you share your thoughts, please do share?

1.   Inside picture of heart or ??? Just a Tomato.  
2.  An X-Ray…??? BW Tomato
3.  Spooky Alien, Ginger
4.  Homes of some insects..? The grater.
5.  Starry Alien or just a decorative stud?
6.  Symbolic to the third eye. Isn’t it? The flashlight and the stud gave it a view of the third eye!
7.  A flower bud…hmmm, Onion
8.  A starry night or what? It’s an apple! 
9.  Some worms or …..Rice! Rice
10.   Wings of a butterfly or?  Dry outer onion peel, in BW.
11.  Wing, dragonfly or?Dry outer onion peel.


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On a Restart to almost everything in my life…

What a word, it seems this belongs to me I am on a restart of my life for last some time. I have restarted my painting, poetry, photography, and blogging which I tried to do nine years back and got busy with kids, and blogging took back seat.  Recently, we moved to a new country, and start a fresh, another restart!

This time…

Let’s restart all over again,
Let’s be unknown to whatever we have known,

Let’s be strangers again,
Let’s not have expectations,
Let’s restart without being mean,

Let’s restart all over again!  –H.P. Kahin

IMG_20171118_160405.jpg Please share how do you feel!

“Hard is trying to rebuild yourself, piece by piece, with no instruction book, and no clue as to where all the important bits are supposed to go.”
― Nick HornbyA Long Way Down

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Dim! – Don’t worry, Light the lamp :)

When Sun set down, the Moon light is Dim,
Light the lamp of HOPE and let the HOPE win!

A beautiful cold evening! The dim indicating the time is to rest, enjoy being with yourself and forget the rest of the world. Enjoy the silence, enjoy the calmness take a chance to refresh, leave the fatigue away, before the bright Sun ignites.
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Just Imagine–Anything is possible

Interesting topic Imagination!

Almost 5 years back.

While watching one of her favorite TV programs, for some reason she was getting hyper and worried. It was only she and her four-year daughter at home around 10:30 PM. She was eagerly waiting for her husband to come back from a superstore, where he went for grocery shopping. She refused to join due to cramps and pain in her legs, she was in her 6th month of pregnancy. She needed to rest, but now she was feeling uncomfortable, as it took him so long. She looked at the clock and it was time for their favorite TV dance reality show. She was expecting he will be back soon and they can watch the program together and have food. but as the time passed and mobile didn’t reach her husband, her anxiety increased. Frequently, she was on her porch and inside (back and forth) to check on her daughter, or in front of God. All her senses were alert to hear the sound of his husband’s car or a phone call. Restlessness was growing in absence of these. Her head was banging with questions, What happened to him? Is he OK? Why is he not back, it’s been more than three hours just for grocery shopping? Her panic was increasing with every negative imagination of some adversity has happened to him. Oh, she doesn’t know driving!

Soon all the sounds were getting muted, the night was getting darker. As the time was passing her concern was increasing.  The grocery store was not very close, but will it be a good idea to take a four-year-old girl with her at 11 p.m. when she is 6 months pregnant and not very comfortable. She was feeling discomfort in her womb, due to this stress.

Can you imagine what would have happened next? I leave it to your imagination, please leave a comment and share what would happen next? Your comment will make my day, Thank you 🙂


With so much of confusion and distress, she decided to call her neighbor Mrs. V. She asked Mrs. V to please help her and check if her husband is in some trouble. Mrs. V. consoled her and told that she will ask her husband to check. Mr. V immediately took his car and went to check on him. In few minutes she got a call from Mr. V’s phone and she took a sigh of relief, it was her husband on that side. He was still in the queue for billing. It was a Saturday and a busy grocery store, with long queues.

In some time when he came back, she hugged her and thanked God, that he is fine! In all this, her husband with not much of the clue what has happened was asking her why did she send Mr. V in search of him. And she smiled with a puzzled look. It was all her imagination!