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Lines-This time Natural only


My previous post was Man made lines. In this post, I am sharing pictures which have natural lines only. Six of these pictures include leaf, wood log, Sunset trees, and clouds,   peel of an onion, and a crack on the ground, and the sixth tree branches and stuck moon in between those 🙂 I hope you will love these pictures just like I do.


A close shot of a leaf, pretty lines!!
IMG_20180427_184933 (2).jpg
Once it was a tree, a wood log, fixed as a fence. Th natural lines breakage isn’t it so artistic? I feel so. From center point to spreading outside.


Crack on the ground.
An onion peel, the outer shell.


ATK_0978 (1)
A sunset, tree lines, clouds creating line effect and lines created by planes in the sky.
Some random branches, yet without leaves but beautiful, I wonder if you can see the moon!!

Thank you!!!

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