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astONish-makeUp, astONish-no makeUp Part-2

To see her husband in shock she immediately reached to the mirror in the corner, and she screamed just like if she has seen some ghost.

Immediately picked up her purse, locating the washroom door in the room she entered and locked it from inside. She managed to make her dress properly and cleansed her makeup maintaining not to damage her skin. She combed her hair, and leaving them open, applied some lipstick and bindi on her forehead. Soon she came out.

Her husband still in shock, waiting eagerly. All this time he was wondering what he saw just now is true or he has been seeing in last few meetings was true. Basically, all her nerves were stressed and confused. For him, it was the first time he has seen a girl with ruined makeup!

The door latch moved, and he turned his face that side. His wife a bit embarrassed was standing there. Ahhh, here comes his real wife, lehenga is still there, with minimal jewelry, and not much makeup, she looked simply beautiful. Now, this was she, they looked at each other, and in no time, they were in a fit of laughter. They laughed as whatever has happened to them was so astonishing.

Holding her hand, the husband politely asked her if she can promise her something. In amazement, she asked what promise. The husband with low tone said, ‘if you promise you will not wear all that fake makeup again, you look prettier than ever, and I love you always’. She smiled (naughty smile) and said ‘I promise but only if you don’t fail to say ‘I love you’ every day’. And they laughed!

They Lived Happily, with just small arguments and fights, any married couple may have!

If you missed Part-1
**This was my attempt to bring a smile on your face I hope I succeeded. Thank you for reading! 🙂
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don’t beTray YourSelf…

I don’t know what should I write in today’s world prompt ‘Betrayed’. I don’t think I have betrayed someone, or someone betrayed me (at least I feel this way, people around may have different thoughts). It’s just we took our decisions whenever there were some obligations were involved.

Though I have heard and read many stories on betrayal like a boyfriend or husband betrayed the girlfriend, or vice-versa. A man, a father of two teenage girls left their mother for a younger girlfriend of his, a woman a mother left husband and kids for some other man in her life and so on. It is a very sensitive topic and a sensitive feeling for every individual, having a different state of mind at the moment.

We enter or create a relationship to fulfill our needs to have some kind of satisfaction or security. On the other hand, the other person has also entered into the relationship for his/her needs and satisfaction and security. When we feel that we have a great value in other person’s life we miss that they are also adding some great value to our life. And the start of expectation, and ‘end of love’, cause a feeling of betrayal.

The source of feeling ‘betrayed‘ is when we expect a return, in our relationships. Love, love is a feeling we get when we are with somebody-someone special. It should not be confused with physical attraction or needs, that may change over time. We should nurture love with our affection, and kind gesture, but love, itself, is not physical and it doesn’t look for returns. It’s a feeling, without any obligations. The deal doesn’t exist in love!

Anyways we have to leave people behind, and people leave us behind. And we live our own lives, without any oxygen cylinder on our back. It is one life don’t betray yourself and live it completely. Our happiness should not be a burden for others, be happy for your own life!


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Favorite Place-Himachal

As a traveler, I don’t have only one favorite, but yes I enjoyed one of the visits to Shoghi in India. It is a calm refreshing serene place all surrounded by beautiful nature mountains, greenery, beautiful sunrise, and sunset. We used to walk around our place during our stay for four days. The people were also very helping and friendly.

Shoghi is a pleasant suburb a hill station, little away from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Set between greenery and fresh air surrounded by oak forests, it is an ideal destination far away from the city chaos. The cool climate and calm atmosphere are making it an ideal place to have some good time away from the city.

Now I am feeling like going there right now and feel the freshness and breeze!

WPC-Favorite Place

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Ummmm, seems a little tricky word for me, though i have some moments of blush in my life when i really feel blushed. Those moments are when i visit to some office, bank or have to fill a form, and the person in front desk asks me my age. i have to look at my husband for the answer, as he is very quick with this :). Or, if he is not with me than i have to count by my tens and ones :).

No, don’t take me wrong,
i am not hiding my age,
it’s just i have stopped counting my days,
i am busy living everyday!

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Leaves or Trees:Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Trees and leaves always fascinate me, actually in nature are so beautiful and calming. Trees give us so much, and even a message to grow in adversities and give positivity to all!

These trees are not so tall, the low angle was used to capture.

And the rainy season greenery, palms.
And my love for, trees and creativity don’t leave me, i Painted this tree on my kid’s room wall!
The shrub loved the beautiful bright color…
…and fall, painted a green leaf to red!
And the fallen leaves, last fall season.