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11 Out of this World Special – WPC

Hope I am not late!

So I was thinking, about the theme, Out Of This World! Scrolled all my pictures and found few very nice one’s skies, waves with sunset lights on them, leaves and lot more. But, during my regular cooking in the afternoon, I saw some alien stuff in my kitchen. I could not choose only one so sharing some of them. All these pics looked so much out of the world.

Do you identify what these things are?  I would love to hear from you, would you share your thoughts, please do share?

1.   Inside picture of heart or ??? Just a Tomato.  
2.  An X-Ray…??? BW Tomato
3.  Spooky Alien, Ginger
4.  Homes of some insects..? The grater.
5.  Starry Alien or just a decorative stud?
6.  Symbolic to the third eye. Isn’t it? The flashlight and the stud gave it a view of the third eye!
7.  A flower bud…hmmm, Onion
8.  A starry night or what? It’s an apple! 
9.  Some worms or …..Rice! Rice
10.   Wings of a butterfly or?  Dry outer onion peel, in BW.
11.  Wing, dragonfly or?Dry outer onion peel.


Photo Challenge, Travel and Photography

Saskatoon – A City of Changing Skyline

Tour Guide

The city of changing skyline and changing weather Saskatoon. The city of Saskatoon is divided in two parts with the South Saskatchewan River winding through it. The east and west of the city is linked with it’s Seven bridges. The city knows, to stay active even in adverse weather conditions through art, theater in the parks or theater over the trail or music, arts and creativity enjoyed throughout the year. The every minute changing sky gives an immense pleasure to the eyes. the four weathers bring character to the city Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring.

Beautiful moving clouds and clear blue sky over the green vast ground!
Every Summer kids enjoy neighborhood parks, almost every community has one!
Saskatoon Shines- A mesmerizing sunset!
IMG_20170729_165838 (1)
Clouds can cover the sun anytime during the day!
People enjoying theater on the trails, beautiful experience Meewasin Trail!
Snow covered grounds, where kids go tobogganing!
Golden Shine when Sun goes down!
The Fall-Colours everywhere!
Sunset can make sky pink and purple!