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Flower of the Day-6th June 2018


Flower of the day!

Flowers are flowers, they are beautiful the way they are, it doesn’t matter how big or how small they are, they smile at you, when they dry they become a part of your memory in your books or frames.


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vaGue-he was lost

He had a vague memory,

He was looking for his origin,

His plane was crashed,

Landed on an island, no man,

But only coconut trees,

A feeling of exile,

He was fighting for survival,

It seemed like he was in primitive age,

He invented the fire again,

Rubbing the two stones,

Living a life all alone,

He was making his new memory,

With all new inventions,

He was literally at a noman’s land!

Daily POST, Daily Prompt, Poetry

2. Wrinkled MemOries-I lived

I stumbled in front of a glass door,

the reflection disclosed,

how pretty you looked at your young age,

without any visible folds on the face,

I stumbled back in that age,

where I laughed, I winked, I smiled without a drift, I made faces and I lived,

I cared for I loved and I worried about future,

I entertained my kids,

I expressed my soul in all possible ways, as I lived, I loved, one, we call life,

in return, I got some stamps as wrinkles on my face, of moments I cherished,

I lived and I loved,

and now, all the memories brought twinkles in my eyes!

Every wrinkled face is a proof that he or she has lived every emotion of life!