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A mother crying holding her dead son,

With teary eyes and body numb,

No one can console her,

The most distress moment, of motherhood!!

A mother is crying holding her new born,

With teary eyes and body numb,

She is a first time mom,

The most cherished moment, of motherhood!!

Birth and death the two realities of life. It is really difficult to explain a mother’s feelings when she has to go through these two emotions. Niether it is easy to explain a mother’s pain on a loss of her child, nor her happiness when she gives birth to a new life!

The juxtapose feelings.

Feelings, Poetry

Feeling Accomplished

your innocent smile recedes my grief,

your touch healed my soul,

your words filled the world with love,

your glance makes me feel strong enough,

your thought makes me happy,

your melody gives me courage,

Oh, dear angel! you accomplish me as a mother!