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Flower of the Day-27th March 2018


Rose and the bee.


A micro creature, buzzing bee,

conveying a beautiful message,

enjoy the nature’s, nectar

without doing any damage!


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Favorite Place-Himachal

As a traveler, I don’t have only one favorite, but yes I enjoyed one of the visits to Shoghi in India. It is a calm refreshing serene place all surrounded by beautiful nature mountains, greenery, beautiful sunrise, and sunset. We used to walk around our place during our stay for four days. The people were also very helping and friendly.

Shoghi is a pleasant suburb a hill station, little away from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Set between greenery and fresh air surrounded by oak forests, it is an ideal destination far away from the city chaos. The cool climate and calm atmosphere are making it an ideal place to have some good time away from the city.

Now I am feeling like going there right now and feel the freshness and breeze!

WPC-Favorite Place

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Leaves or Trees:Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Trees and leaves always fascinate me, actually in nature are so beautiful and calming. Trees give us so much, and even a message to grow in adversities and give positivity to all!

These trees are not so tall, the low angle was used to capture.

And the rainy season greenery, palms.
And my love for, trees and creativity don’t leave me, i Painted this tree on my kid’s room wall!
The shrub loved the beautiful bright color…
…and fall, painted a green leaf to red!
And the fallen leaves, last fall season.
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1.I’d rather be…SpREADING CoLORS🎨🌍

I am not sure if I would get that time in near future, where I can think to do “Rather” this or that.  But yes if I get this option I will be playing with my colors and brush strokes and canvases. They are waiting for me in a corner of my house!img_20171114_185821.jpg

If the canvas is not there I can even paint the wall, colors make me smile without reason, I feel true to myself.

Rather-Weekly Photo Challenge