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Flower of the Day-1st June 2018


Yellow Flower

Flower of the Day!!

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” —Meister Eckhart

Wish you a very Happy June!!


An hour ago-Factful Feedback, Handle with Care!

Just an hour ago!

With pretty much confidence in myself, my blog design and my writing, I asked my cousin if she can give me some feedback on my blog, just an hour ago. There was some temptation floating inside, that maybe she will come up with some marvelous reactions and words in reference to my blog and posts.

About her: She is a very good quality assurance professional and working as a freelancer. Also a mother of a 3-year-old girl. I appreciate her for what she is doing, working as a mother and as a professional. It needs so much time and effort and courage to manage both, I too had done it at some point in time. She is one of the inspirations behind this blog, she encouraged me for this. She is younger than me.

Feedback: The feedback she gave me came as opposed to what my ears were ready to hear, she gave me facts and opened my eyes. The feedback from her says that I have grammar mistakes, and lack of flow in my writing. According to her, I write better in Hindi, and I need to read and write a lot. Ooofffff all the heartbreaking truth, the FACT she said. At times how difficult it becomes to take a negative feedback and accept it. But I have taken these as very good pointers, my work areas.

FACTFact is, I am constantly thinking how to improve my writing. Fact is, I am not going to drop my English writing, I am enjoying it. Fact is for sure I will continue Hindi writing. Another fact (I discovered this one) that  I was under this impression that I have a unique name, what an eye opener, a factful day for me.

I thank you so much dear for all your valuable time and feedback,  I know it takes time and effort to give a genuine feedback. Thank you, and love you!

Thanks to all my dear readers and Good Day🌸

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Time to Greet and Sing

Time has come to lighten the lamp,

Time has come to share the strength,

Time has come to take the call,

Time has come to wake up all,

Time has come to greet and sing,

Time has come to have peace within,

Time has come to show appreciation,

Time has come to be verdant,

Time has come to be genuine,

Time has come to live fullest,

Time has come to cherish our nature!

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🍃Get out of your Thoughts🍃

Some Notes

Sometimes we get overdriven by our own thoughts and feel dragged to the negativity or positive of it.  The source of our uncontrolled thought might be our own predefined approach towards something or someone. And we try to block or stop thoughts we consider negative. Categorizing thoughts into negative and positive leaves us with more anxiety and stress. The moment we come to the realization that it is just a thought,  and it has no power of negative or positive.

Don’t get disturbed or distracted by your thoughts surround you, just let them come and go, just like the wind blows. Nobody can control the wind, or the rain, they just come and go. Let just be cognizant it’s just a thought, be awake!

Meditate and feel the accord…🍃


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Just One more Out of This World!

My one more entry for WPC Out of the World theme.

The below image again comes from my kitchen, turmeric in water and reflection of my hand if you can find it!

Out of the world looks like close view of some outer shell of a planet.

How do you like this according to theme or not? Please Share!

My Previous Out of the World Entry

Critique, feedback, reaction to one’s work or the way they have presented it, regardless of intention, is a gift. –Mark Bran

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