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Please, awake…Spring here!

Awakening -The unsprung Spring 🙂

From yesterdays pics. The Spring is still awaited in some parts of the world, can you believe it! 🙂 I had to literary see very close to plants and trees if there is an awakening, and just a few of the trees have these budding signs of spring. Sharing with you 🙂

Photo a day, Photo Challenge, Photography, Travel and Photography

Black & White Photo Challenge

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge:

Objects or People Older than 50 years


The one roof shot from the historical place Golkunda/Golconda fort ruins in Hyderabad, the hub of trade and commerce and an international center for information technology (IT) in India.



The Cart from RCMP Museum Regina.


Telescope from 1870. The RCMP heritage center in central Canada. Rest of the information is in the picture itself.
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Odd Ball Photo Challenge


A Puzzle, showing all the transport vehicles. We saw this in a museum to keep kids engaged if they fail to connect with the real big antique machines and vintage cars.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge