caRing fOr necTar – bUd

Enclosing every petal,
A bud,
Guarding the nectar beneath the core,
Waiting to transform,
From a bud to a full bloom,
Aiming to become complete,
Each petal unfolds, as the moment pass,
The nectar is available to all,
Whoever can see it,
Beyond the beauty of a blossom!


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Flower of the Day-13 July 2018


Flower of the day

With His grace and patience, a rosebud unfolds,
Slowly Petal by petal,
To a beautiful fragrant rose,
Let the life unfold its beauty,
Slowly every moment,

With His grace and patience,

Towards serenity, with the fragrance of His love and wisdom! 🌹

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आँखों की चमक-Bright Eyes

हमने उन् आँखों की चमक भी देखी ,

और दिलों के ख्वाब भी देखे,

होठों की मुस्कान भी  देखी,

और पलकों पर ठहरे अश्क भी देखे,

न जाने क्या छिपा था उस दिल में,

जो पलकों के रास्ते भी न गुज़र सका,

बस वही ठहरा रहा,

और आँखों में और दमक दे गया!!

Translated Version 🙂

Bright eyes

I have seen the brightness in his eyes,

And I saw, the dreams in his heart,

I have seen the smile on his lips,

And I saw the floating tears in his eyes,

Wonder what was hidden, deep inside,

Something, could not pass through his eyes,

It stayed there at the verge of his eye,

Making his eyes more glitter and shine!!

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समय सा-just like time

समय सा न वह रुका न वह थमा,

बस बढ़ता चला,

मन में था विश्वास घना,

की चट्टान को भी चीर,

अपना रास्ता बना,

वो बस चलता रहा,

न रुका न वह थमा,

समय सा….

Translated version:

just like time,

he never stopped,

just kept moving,

keeping faith in his heart,

he just kept moving,

he could rip the mountain,

making his way,

he just kept walking,

he never stopped, neither he stood,

He just kept moving,

just like time…