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two journeys together,

one which is caring for kids as a mother,

collecting pennies for the future,

living and doing the daily chore,

cleaning and making the pancake batter,

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gLimMer-stoRies so fAr


The journey I traveled so far,

has a story to tell,

that glimmers, and glitters,

To bring some shine in my eyes,

Every milestone I have,

kept under a glimmering moonlight,

Whenever I see you, you don’t seem apart,

Oh dear! come let’s weave some more stories,

in this dark night,

with keeping the hope of shiny star!




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can not disRupt

Criticise or admire,

you can’t disrupt my growth,

I am nurturing,

Nurturing a seed of bliss,

Avoid or face,

you can’t disrupt my presence,

I am living,

Living with hope,

Dislike or enjoy,

you can’t disrupt the flow,

I am incorporating,

Incorporating the cosmos,

Shun or  regard,

you can’t disrupt the voice,

I am crooning,

Crooning a song to rejoice,

I am nothing but, your inner soul!

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let me FLY…

परवाज़ ली है मैंने ,
लौट कर आउंगी इक दिन अपनी ही शाख पर,
पर अभी मुझे उड़ने दो,
परवाज़ ली है मैंने, मैं हूं ज़िंदगी



I have taken a flight, let me fly,
will come back on my branch, when my will,

I have taken a flight, let me fly,

let me fly, higher and higher!