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ceremony-come let’s enjoy together

Oh, my dear!

Let’s enjoy our spring ceremony,

The band of birds is singing,

The trees are busy dancing,

The Bunny enjoying the sunshine,

The scattered clouds came to witness,

And to shower their blessings,

The lake is calming and the ducks are swimming and swinging,

The dress code is green,

With blue, purple, pink, yellow, and red decorations,

The trail we have to walk,

Holding hands and feel the musical chants,

Come, my dear!

Let’s assimilate the spirit of, spring!


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आहिस्ता ज़िन्दगी

Guzar rahi thi yuhiin aahista see Zindagi,

Uski ek khanak ne Zindagi ke falsafe badal diye!

गुज़र रही थी यूहीं आहिस्ता से ज़िन्दगी,

उसकी एक खनक ने ज़िन्दगी के फलसफे बदल दिए!

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brOken-rain drOps

Fearlessly, they fall,

Broken apart,

Yet motive stays intact,

They come together to nurture,

They flutter, to spread the joy,

Each drop, splinters and pools,

Making a big diffrence to the whole world,


Sharing happiness creates,

Ripples of joy in to the world,

Despite your fall,

Encore unite and cultivate the life!