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famoUs-who, what, where, why?


Who am I?

What makes me, me, is not there on my about me page,

I am not packed in those few words,

I live a life beyond those pages,

I want to be famous but you don’t recognize my face,

The only thing I want to make happen is,

When you see yourself in the mirror or the unknown on a street,

It bring a smile on your face which shines through your eyes and brighten your face,

This small way we, you and me, will make a change,

‘We are the change’

I don’t know you,

You don’t know me,

But still, we exist and can make someone famous today,

The famous is one who is living this life with Grace!

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assuMption-to make you happy

I assumed that you will love it,

I tried to make you happy,

Whatever I did was for you,

A surprise I wanted to keep,

Until I get it all done,

I wanted to show you the world,

You  always remained in your home,

I wanted to bring all materialistic happiness to you,

This was my assumption that you will be happy,

I was left with a shock when you left us forever,

You disappeared forever,

My belief shattered,

and I was stunned and in glum,


I cannot get back and fix,

I cannot amend the truth that has already happened,

Time always moves ahead,

It can never take me back in time,

to change the wrong,

You left but I know you tried,

You tried hard to stay, for us,

but everything is not in control,

We miss you, your physical presence is not with us anymore,

but you are still there in our heart, always!!!!



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foRest-welcome to this forest


Palm Tree on LG Palm Tree on LG 🌲Palm Tree on LG Palm Tree on LG

🌲Let’s grow a Forest today,🌲

🌲Plant  trees one by one in a row,🌲
 🌲 Trees and trees all around,🌲
🌲Just imagine🌲
🌲The happiness of the Earth that day,🌲
🌲Let’s grow a Forest today,🌲
🌲Love will flourish and tranquility will survive,🌲
🌲The spring greenery or the fall colors will bring positivity in life,🌲
🌲You believe in God or not,🌲
🌲But for our own sake believe in Forest,🌲
🌲Forest has given everything and never taken anything from us,🌲
🌲Let’s grow a Forest today,🌲
🌲Sow the seeds,🌲
🌲Grow the trees,🌲
🌲If possible save paper today,🌲
Palm Tree on LG Enough of concrete jungles,Palm Tree on LG
🌲These concrete jungles will not produce oxygen or bring rain,🌲
🌲How will you grow food in no rain,🌲
🌲But I know human brain the most dangerous of all,🌲
🌲Will create some tablet to sustain,🌲
Palm Tree on LG But let’s not fake it more,Palm Tree on LG
Palm Tree on LG Take a call and save forests,Palm Tree on LG
Palm Tree on LG Plant a tree,Palm Tree on LG
Palm Tree on LG Before it is too late!Palm Tree on LG

Let’s Protect Forest!

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आँखों की चमक-Bright Eyes

हमने उन् आँखों की चमक भी देखी ,

और दिलों के ख्वाब भी देखे,

होठों की मुस्कान भी  देखी,

और पलकों पर ठहरे अश्क भी देखे,

न जाने क्या छिपा था उस दिल में,

जो पलकों के रास्ते भी न गुज़र सका,

बस वही ठहरा रहा,

और आँखों में और दमक दे गया!!

Translated Version 🙂

Bright eyes

I have seen the brightness in his eyes,

And I saw, the dreams in his heart,

I have seen the smile on his lips,

And I saw the floating tears in his eyes,

Wonder what was hidden, deep inside,

Something, could not pass through his eyes,

It stayed there at the verge of his eye,

Making his eyes more glitter and shine!!