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brOken-rain drOps

Fearlessly, they fall,

Broken apart,

Yet motive stays intact,

They come together to nurture,

They flutter, to spread the joy,

Each drop, splinters and pools,

Making a big diffrence to the whole world,


Sharing happiness creates,

Ripples of joy in to the world,

Despite your fall,

Encore unite and cultivate the life!


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Weekend Rain and Pleasant Wind


Yesterday we visited our library, we picked a few books and returned a few. The library is the place I feel so good at heart, I read or not but staying in middle of the books is good. In the art room of library my daughter s did some coloring actually alot of, and I ha to do the same as per their instructions. They chose a few pages for me and I did coloring with crayons. It was so fun!

After sometime we came out and walked towards the park and the lake.While kids enjoyed the rides I clicked some pictures of the lake, park, trees and some fresh new baby acorns. And soon it started rain with thunderstorm, the clouds made all the scenery beautiful and mesmerising. Kids insisted to have a rain bath, I sat inside the car and watched them play with their daddy. I was already feeling cold so I had to miss my chance for rain dance. I enjoyed clicking from inside.

Here are some pictures:

Rainy day
Rain and kids enjoyed..
Rain on car windshield
Rain covered my view
Lake view
Beautiful lake view, fantastic weather!

I wish you a very Happy Sunday! Keep Smiling!!!

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I have not heard any other thing as liquid as water, with enormous names and versatile forms and states. In fact, this is my second post on water. I have posted another one on water in WPC theme ‘sweet‘, nothing can be as sweet as water, if you have real thirst.

Whatever you call it H2o Water, Paani, Jal, Neer, Aqua, Voda, Uji, Shui, Ji, Amane, Eau, Mool, Mni, Wai, Mmadi, Mmaji, Auga and so on….


The water, biggest part of nature!


What else can fit in this theme liquid,
Water through the heart when came out of eyes, it called a tear,
Water if get aggressive can destroy everything ratio is 70/30 on Earth
Water a need for everyday routine, cooking washing food and lots more,
Water nurtures nature including the human,
Water freeze it and it becomes rock hard ice,
Water if disappears leaves a desert behind,
Water there is a separate world in depth,
Water coming from the sky it became rain,
An important part of our daily life, Water, Save Water!!
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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rain

Hey, I am also taking a chance to participate Here goes my entry is my entry for Frank’s over at Dutch Goes the Photo Blog Tuesday Photo Challenge -Rain.  This photo was taken in a medicinal maze garden named Nakshatra Garden (Horoscope Garden) in Silvasa.

Overall it was a fabulous experience and a superb place to be.

Heavy rain shower made the foggy site, and everyone took shelter under the small huts inside the garden.

We were visiting there for the first time and it was raining all the time, even then we enjoyed the garden greenery and pleasant weather. The gardens attraction is the planetary depiction of associated plants as per India Astrology.