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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Shine



Every evening I, my husband and kids go to the community park. While kids play around on the slides, I just roam around to capture the new angle, view or scene within the same park. This one I clicked a few days back, I think this one fits this theme. The shine filtered through branches and on leaves captured my vision and I captured the view in my camera. One more thing in preschool I have heard a new song (new for me, not sure about you :))

Rise and Shine,

Welcome to school today,

Rise and Shine,

Welcome to school today,

We are so glad you are here! 🙂

I love this song when I hear it my daughters’ school, how they sing with keeping low voice and high volumes, is so much fun 🙂

These two themes comes the same way as Rise and Shine, and I am glad :). I had so many photos where I have captured the shine, I chose this one being the latest.

Rise and Shine!!