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Sunday tree

Sunday tree
Beautiful cloudy weather, Sunday tree!

Here is my entry to Becca’s Sunday Trees challenge.

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Shine



Every evening I, my husband and kids go to the community park. While kids play around on the slides, I just roam around to capture the new angle, view or scene within the same park. This one I clicked a few days back, I think this one fits this theme. The shine filtered through branches and on leaves captured my vision and I captured the view in my camera. One more thing in preschool I have heard a new song (new for me, not sure about you :))

Rise and Shine,

Welcome to school today,

Rise and Shine,

Welcome to school today,

We are so glad you are here! 🙂

I love this song when I hear it my daughters’ school, how they sing with keeping low voice and high volumes, is so much fun 🙂

These two themes comes the same way as Rise and Shine, and I am glad :). I had so many photos where I have captured the shine, I chose this one being the latest.

Rise and Shine!!

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The weekend went by…

Ahh! finally, another weekend is gone (actually Monday is also gone just noticed :)) and another mother’s day 🙂 leaving lots of memories to cherish. I hope you all had a great weekend too!!


You know what, yesterday, I was bombarded with craft, these girls made for me. Both of them were very excited to show me what they have made only for me. Bookmark, jewelry box, nature cards, and a cloth mat, and beautiful messages are written over them. Not only this they planned lunch with their dad so I don’t have to cook, at least for a day. 🙂

I was so touched by all their effort and feelings for me. I always knew they love me, but all this effort considering their age, ahhh it’s like……. actually can’t explain it!

On this weekend all three days, mostly we spent outside. Whatever I have posted during the weekend was like I was stealing time from them. I had to busy them in something and then write my daily prompts :), actually, I don’t want to break the chain of my daily prompts. Here I am sharing some pictures from our visit to the lake, it is not too far from our home.

Finally, Spring was visible with quite lush green and purple colors. This time all the trees had strong signs of spring.

I wish you all a very happy and joyous week ahead, Rise and Shine!!

Keep Smiling:)