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frantic Who?….read

The warm cozy afternoon, she was just sitting on her chair, trying to write some good words. The spring is around the corner, and it’s easter on Sunday, she has been invited to a lunch.  What would she cook, for that day? It is a potluck. Time is about to get her daughter from school. She is online chatting with her cousin, she has to answer her query quickly. Someone else is also banging on her chat messaging her for something, she doesn’t want to answer them, she doesn’t have answers. With so many things working in his mind. She ran frantically towards the kitchen, the milk is boiling!





Frantic isn’t she…


Did you notice, the second last sentence of above paragraph, instead of ‘her’ it’s ‘his’ written.



Daily Prompt, Life, Poetry


she has Compassion

for that, she takes Action

she has a Passion

for that, she needs no Distraction

she has a Position

for that, she is ready for Opposition

she has Precondition

for that, she sets Absolution

she has Rejection

for that, she holds no Consideration

she carries Generation

for that, she lays the Foundation

she has Devotion

for that, she carries an Ocean

SHE is the one who is uncompromisingly compromising every day. SHE is the one who carries the nature, numerous sacrifices in her account, but she is ignored and deceived by all human.

Love HER, Respect HER!

Wish you all a very Happy Women’s 365 Days🌺