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Lyrics Challenge – 3 Days Challenge Day 3

Greetings Everyone!!! This is my day three the last day for the Lyrics challenge Tisha tagged me for this.

Thanks so much, Tisha for tagging me for this challenge, it is really interesting and I am enjoying my favorite songs. Today I chose a prayer, which connects me to the God, the one which is in us. This also reminds me my school days it was a part of our daily assembly. Again I have not seen this movie or maybe I don’t really remember it. but

For next three days, I will try to share my three favorites from a different genre of songs.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post one quote (song lyric) each day for three days.
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My third song lyrics go here:

This reminds me of my school days, it was part of our prayer for assembly.

Movie: Ankush
Music: Kuldeep Singh
Singer: Poornima

Itani shakti hamen dena daata
Man ka wishwaas kamajor ho na
Ham chale nek raste pe hamase
Bhulakar bhi koi bhul ho na

Dur ajnjaan ke ho andhere
Tu hamen jnjaan ki roshani de
Har buraai se bachate rahen ham
Jitani bhi de bhali jindagi de
Bair ho na kisi ka kisi se
Bhaawana man men badale ki ho na

Ham na sochen hamen kya mila hai
Ham ye soche kiya kya hai arpan
Ful khushiyon ke baante sabhi ko
Sab ka jiwan hi ban jaae madhuban
Apani karuna ka jal tu baha ke
Kar de paawan har ek man ka kona

With translation:

itni shakti hume dena data
man ka vishwas kamzor ho na
hum chalen nek raste pe hamse
bhoolkar bhi koi bhool ho na

give us so much strength, O Lord,
that the faith in our hearts never wavers.
may we walk the path of goodness
and we don’t make a mistake even accidentally.

door agyaan ke hon andhere
tu hamein gyaan ki roshni de
har buraai se bachte rahein hum
jitni bhi de bhali zindagi de
bair ho na kisi ka kisi se
bhaawana man mein badle ki ho na

let the darkness of ignorance be away,
give us the light of knowledge..
let us be far from all bad things,
however much life you give us, it be good.
may there be no ill will between people,
and there be no feeling of revenge.

hum chalein nek raste pe hamse
bhoolkar bhi koi bhool ho na
itni shakti humein dena data
man ka vishwas kamzor ho na

hum na sochein hamen kya mila hai
hum yeh sochen kiya kya hai arpan
phool khushiyon ke baanTein sabhi ko
sabka jeevan hi ban jaaye madhuban
apni karuna ka jal tu baha ke
kar de paavan har ik man ka kona

may we never think what we have got,
but what is it that we have contributed.
let us give the flowers of happiness to all,
and everyone’s lives become a garden of sweetness,
you flow the water of your compassion,
and make every corner of the heart pious.

hum chalein nek raste pe humse
bhoolkar bhi koi bhool ho na
itni shakti hame dena data
man ka vishwas kamzor ho na

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3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag: Day 2

I am back with three-day quote challenge! This time I am nominated by Richa from iScriblr (a few days ago). Thank you so much Richa, you have been doing really great, you have a fantastic blog.  This time the theme suggested is musical, so I am trying my hand on this.
Let me share with you, I love music almost all kind, like Sufi, Peppy songs, Hip-Hop, and slow romantic music. Once upon a time my music system used to play all the time 24 hours, yes 24 hrs. I used to sleep with keeping my headphones on or keeping my radio beside my bed (low volume). It used to play until the batteries used to get down.
thepsychmind:  Fun Psychology facts here!


Hehehe, for today instead of one I found two quotes,  I don’t think I really have to explain the reason why I chose the first quote. I have a taste for all type of music. But yes there are few songs which I don’t like. I sing the songs I love (and I don’t really care about my surroundings at times), and on peppy songs I dance, I love to hear Sufi songs and feel the connection with the Supreme. Folk music makes me happy. Sometimes music helps me in meditating!
The second quote is stating that the person who listens to all type of music is honest, creative and open-minded. Yes, I am all three, smarter..? I am not sure 🙂
I loved the rhythm in both the quotes from different people. Amazing!!
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With Lots of Love!