Poetry, Prayer

hOne-giVe sOul a chaNce

The mystic may seek a chance to reveal,
let the soul hone your mind,
May courtesy be your side,
moment swiftly elapses,
leaving the gaps behind,
let your hope abide,
May you win, being on His side,
the lasting love may take place as a tide, on His way!




Daily POST, Daily Prompt, Poetry

can not disRupt

Criticise or admire,

you can’t disrupt my growth,

I am nurturing,

Nurturing a seed of bliss,

Avoid or face,

you can’t disrupt my presence,

I am living,

Living with hope,

Dislike or enjoy,

you can’t disrupt the flow,

I am incorporating,

Incorporating the cosmos,

Shun or  regard,

you can’t disrupt the voice,

I am crooning,

Crooning a song to rejoice,

I am nothing but, your inner soul!

Feelings, Poetry

Feeling Accomplished

your innocent smile recedes my grief,

your touch healed my soul,

your words filled the world with love,

your glance makes me feel strong enough,

your thought makes me happy,

your melody gives me courage,

Oh, dear angel! you accomplish me as a mother!



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are they…iDenTical

two journeys  together,

one which is caring for kids as a mother,

collecting pennies for the future,

living and doing the daily chore,

cleaning and making the pancake batter,

doing everything to make life better,

second where i am sailing back to find my real soul,

holding nothing,  and letting it all go,

cleaning all the clutter,

and without keeping any matter,

just witnessing the other,

i just wonder,

am i identical to you!

Daily Prompt: Identical