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view from my winDow-outside

She stepped out of the bus,

She stumbled,

Carrying two heavy grocery bags,

In both of her hands,

Her back a little bent,

Walking slowly,

Towards her apartment,

An old lady,

Still carrying grace on her face,

She doesn’t care what others will say,

When I meet her and ask how is she?

With a soft voice she says, ‘I am not bad’, with a wide smile and glow on her face!

This is the View outside of my window, what’s there outside of your window!!

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vaGue-he was lost

He had a vague memory,

He was looking for his origin,

His plane was crashed,

Landed on an island, no man,

But only coconut trees,

A feeling of exile,

He was fighting for survival,

It seemed like he was in primitive age,

He invented the fire again,

Rubbing the two stones,

Living a life all alone,

He was making his new memory,

With all new inventions,

He was literally at a noman’s land!

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Genie- Disappered!

I rubbed the lamp and she came out,
She was quite big not so tiny,

Genie said I will grant you today’s one wish,

The rule was one wish a day for three days only,

I was not sure, how to choose one from an unlimited stock of pending list,
Give me some time I will come up with something,

Taking some time I queried how does she live inside,

Smiling glowing face of her so beautiful and stunning,

Unrolling her story she has been cursed to stay in the dark,

Having a lamp as her home,
But I have no lights in,

I immediately ask her how will she be free,

Only if the owner of this lamp,
Soulfully wishes for my freedom,
A hard spell breaker, no one could yet do this,

I decided I will do so,

Surprisingly, she asked what about your own wishes,
You will lose all your wishes if you wish for my freedom,

I smiled and said this is not the first time,

My wishes will remain on my wishlist,                                                                                        Unrolling a list from pocket it went till the doormat,
I have so much of practice,
Holding my breath, I will keep wishing for fewer wishes,

I firmly wished from now I sat you free,
You can live wherever you feel it,

With teary eyes smile on lips,
She bowed and showing her gratitude,
I said both of us got the freedom,

You from the lamp and I from my wishlist,

She smiled before disappearing,                                                                                                    She blessed me with love and peace, within me!

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funFilled day-Yesterday!

A few minutes ago I was in other room away from this fantastic machine called LapTop. I had every word in my mind what I am going to share with you all.  And I came back to write and every word is being disappeared from my mind. The brain is occupied with so much that sometimes hopping on one task to another and we lose few things in between. Not as efficient as this machine is which autosaves what I type on it, and keeps it there unless it gets a virus attack or gets corrupted. 

Oh! yes, I am getting some glimpses what has to say… I was thinking to share my yesterday’s experience. Yesterday was an eventful day for us, with so much of activity. Asper my decision we planned our day to stay away from our machines and spend quality time with each other.

We went to a nearby temple, and to our surprise, an event was organized there and we had tempting food, which we have been missing for quite some time. The sacred place left us very peaceful inside, something we were missing. The energy was so good. And later there was a performance by small kids. It was so good that we enjoyed every bit of it. And we bought some sweets, which were a part of a fundraising programme for the premises. And they offered us more of the sweets as they were almost living and had to finish those.  We paid more and the amount we got was of even more price, my girls were so happy to have so much of sweets, it is their favorite ‘Rasmalai‘.

Duo Dance. Well done girls!

As per the plan, we had to go to the park after leaving the temple, but we had to come back to keep the sweets.

Then we went to the park and to our surprise there we found melting snow, it was freezing cold and wind chills. I never knew melting snow can be this much messy. The kid’s rides area was full of water, now what? The kids were even happy to play on the smaller ride area which has less water. Soon my elder daughter got engaged to a new friend and little one and dad played “peek-a-boo” in an open area. Later lil one insisted her father accompany her for a walk. 🙂

I was left with my phone-camera. My interest was to find the very signs of spring, I have posted some of the pics on my another post as ‘Awakening’ WPC. Most of the trees still don’t have signs of spring. But fortunately, I could find a few bushes and trees with new budding leaves (the right side image).

And I decided to come back as my hands were almost frozen, actually, we were not dressed according to the weather, expecting a mild cold. So I announced it to three of them and they stayed back for some more time. When they came back their shoes were all wet, they jumped in the snowy water.

Now, I will hop to the late evening, in the evening we had tasty homemade food with good old songs. Later we three danced together and even played Dumb Charades of movie names.

Overall a fun filled day we spent together, and only I know how I handled the temptation of being online and read. But I think it is good to take breaks from our usual routine and habits and trends!

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3 Day Quote Challenge~Day 1

I thank Froggy Crochet for nominating me for this 3-day quote challenge going on WP these days. Thanks for considering me for this challenge, I hope I can justify with it :).


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  • Share why this quote appeals so much to you.
  • Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

Please tell me about a story, where you feel upset every time you get to the part where the character makes that bad decision.

I always take my mistakes as learning and move with that learning, not with the mistake. Somehow, I could do it with ease. I read books and I forget their names and character names (poor memory hard disk full 🙂 ), just the message or the essence stays with me in summaries :). The below quote is I could think right now with keeping your challenge in mind.

My Quote is :

The past is gone, learning milestones are there,
the future is hope, standing ahead with its own share,
the gift life is offering is present, grab it now!

-HPKahin, FeelPurple

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