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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rise


Early Morning Sun! This photo I took during Fall season. Every day the Sunrise was spreading different colors. This view is from my window. Not only the Sun is rising, but these trees in the front yard are tall enough, just like they are rising to touch the sky.


Rising Sun, spreading beautiful colors!


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rise

Photo Challenge, Photography, Travel and Photography

Rise/Set-the colors of SunSet

From where does the sky gets vibrant colors…

Vibrant colors, hues of pink, red and purple!


Calming Sunset! (Bhopal)


The Sun leaving colors behind, going to shine on, other side of the world!


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the existence of unseen, inVisible

 The SunSet,

Went down to light the other side of the world,
The invisible stars twinkled,
On the Beautiful blue sky!

They remained there always,
Without being in sight,

As the sun shines during the day!

Maybe not visible, Sun Outshines, But we exist✨

Photo a day, Photo Challenge, Photography, SunLight, Travel and Photography

Fiery Sunset-Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Fiery Sunset!

Sunset or fire in the sky? Photo clicked on a wintery evening in December 2017. The sky was beautiful and changed its colors frequently, and this one seemed that there is some fire in the sky!
The view little later from above scene!
And after few more minutes, the sky turned purple and pink and red!