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Flower of the Day- 23 June 2018


Flower of the day

Bringing a wish to your way,

A wish for a healthy heart,

A wish for healthy mind,

A wish for healthy soul,

And Love for all!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Shine



Every evening I, my husband and kids go to the community park. While kids play around on the slides, I just roam around to capture the new angle, view or scene within the same park. This one I clicked a few days back, I think this one fits this theme. The shine filtered through branches and on leaves captured my vision and I captured the view in my camera. One more thing in preschool I have heard a new song (new for me, not sure about you :))

Rise and Shine,

Welcome to school today,

Rise and Shine,

Welcome to school today,

We are so glad you are here! 🙂

I love this song when I hear it my daughters’ school, how they sing with keeping low voice and high volumes, is so much fun 🙂

These two themes comes the same way as Rise and Shine, and I am glad :). I had so many photos where I have captured the shine, I chose this one being the latest.

Rise and Shine!!

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Lines-This time Natural only


My previous post was Man made lines. In this post, I am sharing pictures which have natural lines only. Six of these pictures include leaf, wood log, Sunset trees, and clouds,   peel of an onion, and a crack on the ground, and the sixth tree branches and stuck moon in between those 🙂 I hope you will love these pictures just like I do.


A close shot of a leaf, pretty lines!!
IMG_20180427_184933 (2).jpg
Once it was a tree, a wood log, fixed as a fence. Th natural lines breakage isn’t it so artistic? I feel so. From center point to spreading outside.


Crack on the ground.
An onion peel, the outer shell.


ATK_0978 (1)
A sunset, tree lines, clouds creating line effect and lines created by planes in the sky.
Some random branches, yet without leaves but beautiful, I wonder if you can see the moon!!

Thank you!!!

My previous WPC-Lines post here Man made lines.

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Rise/Set-the colors of SunSet

From where does the sky gets vibrant colors…

Vibrant colors, hues of pink, red and purple!


Calming Sunset! (Bhopal)


The Sun leaving colors behind, going to shine on, other side of the world!