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An old man sitting on the sideways of a busy road, with the small stall of chalks. An onlooker, thought to help and bought some of the chalks, and tried to pay amount more than he has asked. The old man returned the rest of the amount. When requested to keep the remaining amount, he just shook his head and gazed at the onlooker with an expression that he doesn’t want any favor. He kept the amount at the edge of his small stall, in the direction where the onlooker was standing puzzled. The old man went back to his work, cutting and trimming the chalks.

The onlooker was none other than me, on return from one of our vacations. I was waiting outside a shop, my husband was buying water for our journey. I was engrossed looking at him, and work he was doing dedicatedly. The wrinkles were reflecting, it has been many years he is busy earning for survival. The walking stick presented that he needs a support to walk. And as I wondered who would be waiting for him at home, his wife with cooked food or his sons and daughters.

The white thing in the picture is kind of thin chalk, used for writing on chalkboards. The decoration with pink roses revealed welcoming he was.


The black glasses on eyes shows that he is having sunlight sensitivity.  Or had some eye surgery.

At the age when people think to just rest and relax this man was working in harsh sunlight. I captured him with my pocket camera to admire and get inspired in my lifetime. It really is unusually inspiring and fascinating.

I salute this unknown Glorious Old Man!

STORY – Weekly Photo Challenge

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A Hidden FoReSt🌳 : BrAnCh🌱

Feeling engrossed how a single word can have contrasting spirits and many branches in one’s life. The single word can have many stories around it. And it becomes very tricky which one to choose and which one to lose. Would the chosen one the most effective or the one which is left would have been more effective.  Ahhh! a typical day is having a lot of branches, apart from what’s going on in life and on this particular day.

Family, friends and loved ones all have great importance in life, just like a tree having different branches all in the different direction. It becomes really difficult to come up with one single emotion at times when you face or hear different sort of news or views from them. At times someone might share a good news and the other might share a bad news, same day and it really seems difficult to feel the right emotion, Happy for one and Sad for the other one. Then the choice becomes, console and show the pleasure to them accordingly, and move on with your own life.

In my school and college days, I used to do lots of gardening and I had good knowledge about that at that time, (maybe I still have that somewhere stored in my brains hard disk  :)). During that time I had created many new plants from branches. It was really an achievement and gave me self-satisfaction to do it without having much knowledge or training. If we see it in depth doesn’t it imply a branch itself can become a tree if provided with some extra effort and care? But yes for every plant the process is different, everyone needs separate treatment.

The same way family trees have several branches and at a certain point of time, those little branches become the main tree nurturing their own branch, leaves, and roots. The life, the world, goes around the branch of different streams. The one having more power, strength and more importance get rooted itself or by someone.

We need to be that essential branch of a big tree with the potential to become root on our own grounds. The demand would be to stay stronger even when there are storms or hindrances in growth.

And there are branches for offices, schools, banks, colleges, classes and higher studies and so on.

One day a branch of a tree asked me,
what would be my future,
would I have the same destiny as the tree,
or would I have my own fate,
I asked,
If you are ready to face the consequences,
if you be courageous to stay alive,
stay fearless against storms on the way,
not get effected of changing seasons and reasons,
You will definitely make your own prospects…

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🍃Get out of your Thoughts🍃

Some Notes

Sometimes we get overdriven by our own thoughts and feel dragged to the negativity or positive of it.  The source of our uncontrolled thought might be our own predefined approach towards something or someone. And we try to block or stop thoughts we consider negative. Categorizing thoughts into negative and positive leaves us with more anxiety and stress. The moment we come to the realization that it is just a thought,  and it has no power of negative or positive.

Don’t get disturbed or distracted by your thoughts surround you, just let them come and go, just like the wind blows. Nobody can control the wind, or the rain, they just come and go. Let just be cognizant it’s just a thought, be awake!

Meditate and feel the accord…🍃


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Just One more Out of This World!

My one more entry for WPC Out of the World theme.

The below image again comes from my kitchen, turmeric in water and reflection of my hand if you can find it!

Out of the world looks like close view of some outer shell of a planet.

How do you like this according to theme or not? Please Share!

My Previous Out of the World Entry

Critique, feedback, reaction to one’s work or the way they have presented it, regardless of intention, is a gift. –Mark Bran

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ysseMMessy:A sToRy oFf A wOmAn

Messy, there is a mess all around me at this point in time, and instead of organizing the mess I am writing this post. I promise to myself I will organize it after writing this.

This is from one of my housemaid I had, and what she used to tell me about this incidence. Now I don’t meet her but talk to her over the phone.

She is going through a big mess in her life. After 8 years of marriage, her past came into the picture. Her husband came to know that she had a boyfriend before their wedding.  Now he is doubtful that she might be seeing him even now, and he is not aware of all this for last 8 years. She has three kids the youngest is 2 years. She remained busy with her family kids husband and her own poor health all these years. Many times she tried to convince her husband that she is not having an affair with anyone, and it was her past, before marriage. The doubt in his brain has made it a messy thing, he is not ready to understand.

She has been doing everything for the family, without taking care of herself. All these years nobody noticed her sleepless nights, dark circles under her eyes and her messy hairs. No one noticed, her efforts to overcome their low-income status, what struggle she was having to have happy kids and healthy family. Now its even worse, she is under doubt all the time (24 hours).  Still, she is worried about her kids, she wants to retain her marriage as being more family oriented. She has left her job just to convince her husband that she has no affair.

I call her sometimes only, as her husband doubts even on phone calls, keeps a check to whom she is talking.

I just wonder how is it possible that sometimes your past can mess up all your present and future. Right now she is having a really messy life, what a stress she might be going on.  I feel her pain, she can’t even share it with anybody now, as she is almost captive in her own house. I pray that she comes out of this difficult time and enjoy her life again.

Let the past go, don’t be chaotic and messy with your present life.