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Unconditional-Love and Forgiveness

Sometimes people get misguided and feel that they really like and love you. But love is not just a four-letter word, it comes with a lot more than that. Love, means you are going to trust, you are going to be there for them, you will not judge, you are going to forget and forgive their mistakes.

When everything is fine and glimmer, we can easily make it and say that we love someone or something. The real test happens when they make a mistake, and all the love and trust takes back seat, to you, only the mistake is visible.

It becomes hard to forgive and forget. We judge them and we want to punish them because we loved them. How can he/she do it to me, I loved him/her? Our anger, our ego, that we loved them, takes us away from the realization that we all are human and we all make mistakes, big, short, small, long all kind of mistakes we do.

It is not easy to forgive, because we are upset with them. And it takes immense power to be forgiving and accept that he/she can make mistake despite your love.

Forgiveness brings an extra quality to life, you set yourself free when you set the other free from his mistake. It brings mutual freedom. Unconditional love creates unconditional forgiveness.

Nature never gives more or less to anyone, it doesn’t set any condition. A tree gives it shade to all, equally. Sunshine’s on everything equally, without any condition!

Be the human sunshine, love, forgive and be at peace!

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Another authentic Thought!

We all need authentic,

We want to be seen as we are, “authentic“,

But don’t we really fail to see the purity or honesty in another person. We just go by the looks and the appearance one has. Do we ever try to see the authentic side of someone?

Or do we just question their authenticity…

Until and unless we continue questioning others authenticity we continue loosing ours!

Randomly,  very random thoughts, I am having reading posts and blogs.



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no escape from – orciMicro

My poor micro brain, tired and exhausted, doesn’t know what to do first. should I write my post, read other posts or answer the comments? Ok, I chose to write, first let my thoughts get free from my brain and then I will incorporate new thoughts.

Last few days have been really hectic for a little brain, even though it tried to write on daily prompts (with very less time for proofreading). Not sure if my message was delivered clearly in those posts or not, as I wrote and I published them.  I could not even read any posts, which I was missing at times.

‘Micro’ today’s prompt taking me everywhere, to the machines and back to nature. everything is based on micro in present. The big fat machines have become micro in size these days, I remember initially when we got our monochrome computers (for my brother) I was very little. I recall we used to remove our shoes before entering the computer room if you have experienced it too, years ago, to keep it dust and dirt free. We just laugh remembering those times. The Floppy diskettes used for data storage were quite big, and with very little limited space in them. Then floppy size kept reducing, and eventually, now we can save a big amount of data in just one tiny little chip called micro SD (Secure Digital ) card.  Maybe soon we will be having something mini micro or some other form of data storage for computers.

Our own body is no less than a micro-machine, millions of microbes living inside. If we really see how our body is working without even making any noise, makes me feel wonderous (oh yes, sometimes few alarms only :)). Simultaneously, hands are writing, the brain converting thoughts into words, the heart is pumping blood at the same rhythm, and stomach working on its process, digesting food. If we try to make such a machine in the real world which can do all this multitasking, I am sure it will be a noisy affair at least not in near future.

And how can I forget the micro creatures roaming around, I just sometimes feel are we intruding in their world or they try to make their homes in our world, which we demolish during our cleaning process. They might be hating us for this :). And we wash them off from our hands before having food, and we make our kids afraid of these unseen micro thingies like they are some aliens from another planet. If we don’t do this they will surely make their home in our body, and then a fight between micro creatures will start. Who knows who will win?

Ok, it’s getting huge kind of post, and in contrast, the theme is micro. So with a beautiful thought, I wish you a very healthy and happy life!

Stay Happy Stay Calm🌺