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On a Restart to almost everything in my life…

What a word, it seems this belongs to me I am on a restart of my life for last some time. I have restarted my painting, poetry, photography, and blogging which I tried to do nine years back and got busy with kids, and blogging took back seat.  Recently, we moved to a new country, and start a fresh, another restart!

This time…

Let’s restart all over again,
Let’s be unknown to whatever we have known,

Let’s be strangers again,
Let’s not have expectations,
Let’s restart without being mean,

Let’s restart all over again!  –H.P. Kahin

IMG_20171118_160405.jpg Please share how do you feel!

“Hard is trying to rebuild yourself, piece by piece, with no instruction book, and no clue as to where all the important bits are supposed to go.”
― Nick HornbyA Long Way Down

Daily POST, Daily Prompt, Feelings, Journey, Life, Prayer, SunLight

Dim! – Don’t worry, Light the lamp :)

When Sun set down, the Moon light is Dim,
Light the lamp of HOPE and let the HOPE win!

A beautiful cold evening! The dim indicating the time is to rest, enjoy being with yourself and forget the rest of the world. Enjoy the silence, enjoy the calmness take a chance to refresh, leave the fatigue away, before the bright Sun ignites.
Daily POST, Daily Prompt, Journey, Let's think about it, Life

Keep Rejuvenating!

Daily Prompt: Constant

When I was a young kid I read somewhere that the only cOnStAnT thing in the Universe is cHaNgE! Since then I have been believing it as a constant thought, and as the time passed by it has become a truth. I have seen, changing years, with changes in human behavior, looks, likes-dislikes, journey-destinations, weather and seasons all being persistently changed.

Change constantly takes place in everyone’s life and everywhere. The constant changing world has taken a speed, now things change even faster. This has been since ages ( actually from the start) that our lives, our societies are changing and will continue to change. The change has continuously stood like an unchanging mountain, however, they are also unnoticeable changing at a slow pace. People, nature, living or nonliving being, and the universe everything changes as the time passes.

As the river flows with the changing locations, it adapts and changes with the area and takes everything along, old as well as new. If the river stops flowing, it will become stagnant. Without flow, the river will lose its essence. Just like river positively flows, all have to be constantly flowing but with the adoption of the new site, scene, season, years and names. And finally meet with the Ocean, and the revival continues.

Keep flowing, keep rejuvenating🌸🍃!


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Saskatoon – A City of Changing Skyline

Tour Guide

The city of changing skyline and changing weather Saskatoon. The city of Saskatoon is divided in two parts with the South Saskatchewan River winding through it. The east and west of the city is linked with it’s Seven bridges. The city knows, to stay active even in adverse weather conditions through art, theater in the parks or theater over the trail or music, arts and creativity enjoyed throughout the year. The every minute changing sky gives an immense pleasure to the eyes. the four weathers bring character to the city Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring.

Beautiful moving clouds and clear blue sky over the green vast ground!
Every Summer kids enjoy neighborhood parks, almost every community has one!
Saskatoon Shines- A mesmerizing sunset!
IMG_20170729_165838 (1)
Clouds can cover the sun anytime during the day!
People enjoying theater on the trails, beautiful experience Meewasin Trail!
Snow covered grounds, where kids go tobogganing!
Golden Shine when Sun goes down!
The Fall-Colours everywhere!
Sunset can make sky pink and purple!
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The Journey

The journey still continues,
Take rest on the mile stones,
Dare not to stop,
Take turn, as the path may,
Dare not to stop ,
Keep walking, with baby steps,
Dare not to stop , still far to go,
Keep moving, the journey still continues!

Safar yuhin zaari hai,
Har manzil mahaz ek meel ka patthar hee toh hai,
Ek mila toh kya, ab dusare tak jaane ki taiyaari hai –एच.पी. Kahin

सफ़र यूं ही ज़ारी है,
हर मंजिल महज़ एक मील पत्थर ही तो है,
एक मिला तो क्या, अब दूसरे तक जाने की तैयारी है –एच.पी. Kahin

Thanks for joining me in my Journey!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton