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sudDenly-Things Change Everything

Roshni was alone in her house, sitting on her daybed, near the window, which opens in there front yard. The front yard was covered with high walls. She was extremely worried and stressed looking out in the sky.

Early morning her brother had an accident and was badly injured, and he was admitted to the hospital ICU, her parents were with him. She was waiting for some update on brother’s health. This was the time when mobile phones didn’t exist and she was all dependent on the landline phone, or if someone returns from the hospital with some information.

She knew that it was severe accident and police would be there too, and it might be so much of hassle and pain for parents as well. What would be going on? What would have happened exactly? How mom-dad would be handling this tough situation? All the mind-boggling quest was going in her brain. She was surrounded by some unknown silence,  even neighborhood seemed so quiet, just like nobody lived there. She never ever faced this kind before.

Unexpectedly a ringing of bells started “Chum… “Chum…”Chum” just like someone is walking wearing anklets.
She got alert and shook her head slowly out of her window and tried to see if someone is there. But no, no one was there! Little frightened, thinking it’s must be coming from outside, just to get out of her fright. The sound increased and it seemed someone is approaching her, it was kind of nightmare, now, she was really afraid.

Suddenly, she stood up, closed her eyes for a second and gathered all her strength and courage, to face it. She opened her room’s door, went outside checked the front yard and other rooms. She saw everything in the room with a deep eye, glanced at every object there.
The sound was gone already. Suddenly she realized it was her fear. The phone rang, she took the phone, her mom on other side informed her that her brother is now out of danger. And dad will be home soon! She smiled and thanked God!

Sometimes our worries and stress takes control over our brain and can create some unknown fears. But sudDenly our stregnth and courage takes us out of any fear. Some good things happen Suddenly in life, it can be you fall or rise in love or after meditating for long you get enlightened.

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LiFe is WoNdEr, NaTuRe is Wonderful

Lifes Wonder

wonder to me

how two people think alike sitting on the different shore of life,

wonder to me

how different size and shaped people all look beautiful when they wear a smile

wonder to me

how we are destroying our nature who has given us everything for our life

wonder to me

how we all start our journey as an innocent child and then end up as immoral being

wonder to me

how a woman considered the power and treated as tender and fragile

wonder to me

how a single ray of sunshine takes all the darkness and twilight

wonder to me

how come we all need peace in the first place and only some of us try

wonder to me

how we spend money and time on to cherish man-made wonders but we ignore the humankind

The most beautiful wonder is LIFE, live it to its fullest!



Wishing a wonderful Life to everyone😊




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she has Compassion

for that, she takes Action

she has a Passion

for that, she needs no Distraction

she has a Position

for that, she is ready for Opposition

she has Precondition

for that, she sets Absolution

she has Rejection

for that, she holds no Consideration

she carries Generation

for that, she lays the Foundation

she has Devotion

for that, she carries an Ocean

SHE is the one who is uncompromisingly compromising every day. SHE is the one who carries the nature, numerous sacrifices in her account, but she is ignored and deceived by all human.

Love HER, Respect HER!

Wish you all a very Happy Women’s 365 Days🌺

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Come along, leave the shell
Enjoy the old rusted ringing bell,
Open your heart and feel the breeze

Come along, take a deep breath
Leave behind all the miseries,
Dare to face your fear
The world will look more clear

Come along, let’s rake
Don’t encrust behind the fake
The era has come to life’s remake

Come along leave the shell, Come along, take a deep breath, Come along, let’s rake!

**This was in response to Daily word prompt Encrust, which somehow I could not publish at that time.

An hour ago-Factful Feedback, Handle with Care!

Just an hour ago!

With pretty much confidence in myself, my blog design and my writing, I asked my cousin if she can give me some feedback on my blog, just an hour ago. There was some temptation floating inside, that maybe she will come up with some marvelous reactions and words in reference to my blog and posts.

About her: She is a very good quality assurance professional and working as a freelancer. Also a mother of a 3-year-old girl. I appreciate her for what she is doing, working as a mother and as a professional. It needs so much time and effort and courage to manage both, I too had done it at some point in time. She is one of the inspirations behind this blog, she encouraged me for this. She is younger than me.

Feedback: The feedback she gave me came as opposed to what my ears were ready to hear, she gave me facts and opened my eyes. The feedback from her says that I have grammar mistakes, and lack of flow in my writing. According to her, I write better in Hindi, and I need to read and write a lot. Ooofffff all the heartbreaking truth, the FACT she said. At times how difficult it becomes to take a negative feedback and accept it. But I have taken these as very good pointers, my work areas.

FACTFact is, I am constantly thinking how to improve my writing. Fact is, I am not going to drop my English writing, I am enjoying it. Fact is for sure I will continue Hindi writing. Another fact (I discovered this one) that  I was under this impression that I have a unique name, what an eye opener, a factful day for me.

I thank you so much dear for all your valuable time and feedback,  I know it takes time and effort to give a genuine feedback. Thank you, and love you!

Thanks to all my dear readers and Good Day🌸