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समय तो बदल रहा सभी का,

कुछ तो कर लो काम भी,

घड़ी की सुइयां यूँही टिक टिक नहीं करती,

बता रही हर पल यूँ निकल रहा,

न रुका है न रुकेगा,

कल से आज, आज से कल में यूँही बदल रहा,

चल थाम हाथ उसका राह पे चलाचल,

शाम होने के पहले करले दूर थकान भी,

मुलाकात होगी जब उससे तो बची रहे मुस्कान भी,

समय तो बदल रहा सभी का,

कुछ तो कर लो काम भी!

This Hindi poem is about time which is changing continuously for everyone, without taking a break. Holding His hand keep walking on the path of life, and before it gets evening, get revived and be ready for the meeting with Him, so that you can smile because time is changing for all, let’s do something!


Hindi, Hindi-Urdu Poetry, Photo a day, Poetry



देख कर तेरा गम,  ना जाने क्यूं ये दिलभर आया है,

रुका था जो आंसू कहींआंखों से बाहआया है – HPKahin

Sometimes when you see someone else in pain you pray and feel that pain, in your heart. It becomes difficult to hide tears at times, feeling same!

This one I wrote on last Friday but did not publish it, I met, or I should say I saw some people in who are not doing good, the energy there was so shady, trust and faith were missing.