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Weekend Rain and Pleasant Wind


Yesterday we visited our library, we picked a few books and returned a few. The library is the place I feel so good at heart, I read or not but staying in middle of the books is good. In the art room of library my daughter s did some coloring actually alot of, and I ha to do the same as per their instructions. They chose a few pages for me and I did coloring with crayons. It was so fun!

After sometime we came out and walked towards the park and the lake.While kids enjoyed the rides I clicked some pictures of the lake, park, trees and some fresh new baby acorns. And soon it started rain with thunderstorm, the clouds made all the scenery beautiful and mesmerising. Kids insisted to have a rain bath, I sat inside the car and watched them play with their daddy. I was already feeling cold so I had to miss my chance for rain dance. I enjoyed clicking from inside.

Here are some pictures:

Rainy day
Rain and kids enjoyed..
Rain on car windshield
Rain covered my view
Lake view
Beautiful lake view, fantastic weather!

I wish you a very Happy Sunday! Keep Smiling!!!

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The weekend went by…

Ahh! finally, another weekend is gone (actually Monday is also gone just noticed :)) and another mother’s day 🙂 leaving lots of memories to cherish. I hope you all had a great weekend too!!


You know what, yesterday, I was bombarded with craft, these girls made for me. Both of them were very excited to show me what they have made only for me. Bookmark, jewelry box, nature cards, and a cloth mat, and beautiful messages are written over them. Not only this they planned lunch with their dad so I don’t have to cook, at least for a day. 🙂

I was so touched by all their effort and feelings for me. I always knew they love me, but all this effort considering their age, ahhh it’s like……. actually can’t explain it!

On this weekend all three days, mostly we spent outside. Whatever I have posted during the weekend was like I was stealing time from them. I had to busy them in something and then write my daily prompts :), actually, I don’t want to break the chain of my daily prompts. Here I am sharing some pictures from our visit to the lake, it is not too far from our home.

Finally, Spring was visible with quite lush green and purple colors. This time all the trees had strong signs of spring.

I wish you all a very happy and joyous week ahead, Rise and Shine!!

Keep Smiling:)


Weekend Ready

My greetings!!

Do you realize it is weekend again so quick…Smiling Face With Halo on LG G5

I just don’t know how this week flew away. To me, I feel like it was just yesterday when I was in some office, and the lady repeatedly asking me a few questions, and then she laughed that she is already in the weekend mode as it is now Friday afternoon. And now this Friday is gone too. Time is flying!

Today my family remained in weekend mood and getting ready for Saturday and Sunday. I don’t know what plans, ohh! yes, I got it actually it is mother’s day on Sunday, aahhhaaaa this is the planning… I got it now why my lil angels were doing behind closed doors, with all the craft material and some more planning with dad. Hummmm

I am moreover trying to finish what tasks I have in my hand, but yes anyways I am and I will spare my time for kids and to enjoy-live life.

But before that, I have to finish my pending, drafts and articles and read more articles and posts. I am missing some of my favorite blogs, I could not read this week. Thoughts need to flow, otherwise, they will pile up one upon other and they may mess with each other. Just imagine if apple pie recipe messed up with a vegetable soup recipe. It’s better to release my thoughts before they create some unknown tangled jargon in my mind.

Till then you please keep smiling and enjoy the season!!