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Live has 4 letters L.I.V.E

Life has only 4 letters L.I.F.E

Love has only 4 letters L.O.V.E

Live Life, Love!!

Love Life, Live!!

Life, Love Live!!

Life, Live Love!!

Life, Love, Live!!

Love, Live Life!!

Live, Love Life!!

What is complicate…I don’t know.

Just live life and love!

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inFect-come let’s infect everyOne with:)

Numerous types of infections exist in this world. Real viruses, computer viruses, and human viruses of all type sizes and shape.

It is a coincidence that today my daughter’s teacher told me that she had a mono virus which will last for few more weeks. Before this, I never heard this name. She will be ok within few weeks.

Computer viruses, i.e. McAfee virus protection keep alarming people that there can be a virus with the such and such file. What are these computer viruses? Nothing, but a code or a programme to corrupt the system where they run, and they come along with some other stuff downloaded from the internet or some other’s infected drives. And some infected human brain has developed these programmes.

Human, we are also carrying infections, some are on the positive side and some are not positive. With this kind, I prefer being infected by the positive ones and ignore which brings the negative energy. It is not that tough if we try a little effort to make our spirituality little stronger. A little bit of meditation, or just close your eyes for few minutes where ever you are and see the things from others side, and try to put yourself in another person place.

Any virus infects us when the other side is weak. If the body is lacking nutrients and has stress the virus can easily infect the body. If the computer is not protected with proper firewalls or visiting unauthorized sites and antivirus software computer gets affected.

If we are weak within we get infected from outside world easily, someone throws anger and we get angry, someone throws frustration we become frustrated and the chain continues.

I always say that Smile is contagious! Smile to someone it comes back, affecting, the other person, and bringing back the joy.

Let your positive infections come out, let them flow in the air,

Smile, Trust, Honesty, Love, and Care!

Let’s contaminate everyone with these 🙂

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pediGree-till at human deGree

Yesterday only I came to know that I belonged to a Royal family, I am very happy and excited to know, that I am, from Royal family?

In my pedigree, my great-grandfather’s great-grandfather’s great-grandfather was a king on this Earth. Yeah, you don’t believe me….it is true, this whole earth was together (one piece of land) at that time only, and he thought to divide it into his 7 for his descendants. He thought to cut down the earth in seven different parts, for some reasons the parts could not come equally, some were big and some were small in comparison. All 7 continents are from my ancestors.

Do you believe my story? No! Does it matter to you if I am from a royal family? No! Same here, it not at all, matters to me if my great great great great grandfather was a king or not!

What matters is where I am right now, what I am doing right now. The same thing will happen to my descendants as well, they will not remember me unless I do something really great so that next generations can remember me with pride. But they will achieve what they will be doing in their life, not with the name they will carry!

The great roots we come from is that we all are human, with same emotions and same reactions!! The story above looks fake but in someway it is true, somewhere we all belong.

My great great great great grandfather was a from human species only 🙂