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twisted-kids special

Today, I found these very twisted things in my house. And I thought to share with you.

In the morning I found how my daughter was using this almost empty toothpaste tube when she has to get ready for school. It was a school party in my younger one’s school, she brought these twisted balloon toys. 🙂


This is how my kids use the toothpaste when it is almost finished. A toothpaste doesn’t give a life but cleans the need of life 🙂


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Twisted flower of the day-24th May 2018


Twisted flower petals, beauty still remains!!
Twisted Petals

It’s true about the eyes being the window to the soul. Your face can be etched with worry, and twisted by aging, but the eyes tell the true story of who you are.

-Naomie Harris

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Place in the World-under a big tree!

My Place in the world can be Wherever I can find a big tree, where I can sit and observe life around it. The below pictures are from the front yard, an evergreen big tree is there. I spend lots of my time seeing this tree, I hear the sound of this tree when there is a storm, and see it soaking in water when it rains. I feel truly inspired and feel the existence of life. At the same time, I can meditate, I can live inside and keeping an eye on the outer world running around! This is the place where I belong ‘under a tree’!!

A hare sitting below the tree to have some shelter and resting! My younger daughter tries to feed him carrots and it just runs away when she gets closer 🙂
The rainy day, view from my window!


The spring has brought some color!


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Lines-This time Natural only


My previous post was Man made lines. In this post, I am sharing pictures which have natural lines only. Six of these pictures include leaf, wood log, Sunset trees, and clouds,   peel of an onion, and a crack on the ground, and the sixth tree branches and stuck moon in between those 🙂 I hope you will love these pictures just like I do.


A close shot of a leaf, pretty lines!!
IMG_20180427_184933 (2).jpg
Once it was a tree, a wood log, fixed as a fence. Th natural lines breakage isn’t it so artistic? I feel so. From center point to spreading outside.


Crack on the ground.
An onion peel, the outer shell.


ATK_0978 (1)
A sunset, tree lines, clouds creating line effect and lines created by planes in the sky.
Some random branches, yet without leaves but beautiful, I wonder if you can see the moon!!

Thank you!!!

My previous WPC-Lines post here Man made lines.

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Lines-This time man made only


This entry for lines I have selected five pictures only and all demonstrating man-made lines and structures. The first image is of a ceiling from a museum. The wooden pallets organized parallel to each other and the lamps consisting lines and forming square and pyramid shape.

The second picture is of swing pillars parallel to each other. and the background is full of lines the bench fences etc.

The third is a wheel all the lines are meeting at some point, in a deep symbolic sense a wheel representing life circle.

The fourth one is by a silly woman experimenting with her shoe prints over the sand 🙂

And the last, the fifth one is a train track full of lines.

Lights and Lines
Ceiling Lights and Lines Parallel (Pic upside down) 
Parallel Lines 
Lines Starting from one point forming a circle a wheel!


Lines of footprints and lines (I am sure a woman made these :))
3550278985_80f4814979_o (1)
Train tracks Lines and lines