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Today, I had to say two goodbyes, one my daughter is now moving to kindergarten, it was her last day of preschool. Both of us were little emotional, she is fond of her teacher.

And second, when I will wake up tomorrow morning, I will not be eager to know about the Daily Prompt. A word, around which we have to weave a story or a poem. Sometimes I have look back and sometimes I had to see the future to write, but whatever I wrote were my thoughts and experiences, retrospective materials.

My blogging journey is not very long yet, it just been a few months not even six months yet. But the day when I started my blog I still remember what confusions were there in my mind, what should be my first post, publish or not. But I did it.

The reason for having this blog was to let go what’s inside, thoughts were many and I was alone 😊 And now I share my thoughts with so many friends. My gratitude to you!!

Not only this I visit their blogs and on some blogs, I feel entertained, some have very deep poetry, and some are really good photos websites, and some are spiritual.

Everyone is unique in their own way, and this is what makes blogging community more special.

We all are here only, it’s just the prompt will not be there. We can pick our own word and write a story 😊

The retrospective is good at times and afterthoughts too, but don’t stick to anything, which is retrospective or prospective. We keep the learning with us not the incident. Because we live in right here, right now, it is a present.

I look back, and I thank everyone for everything and I hope you are having a great time, right here right now!

Keep enjoying changes!!

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My all-time favorite

My all-time favorites, it is the tricky and tough part to find just one all time favorite, although I have tried to make a few. I can consider the first and second image as my all time favorite! And third, fourth, fifth and sixth is my all time favorite 😊!!! AhhhhI can’t say any one of these is my favorite, all have some memories and they are close to my heart.

Snowy sunny
A lovely snowy and sunny day, the couple in the picture makes it more beautiful to me.
Work hard
An old man working for his living, he touched my heart during our travel to MP, India.
A girl on swing
A little girl on swing enjoying the view and the swing.Love this lil girl, the background and the clouds.
A lotus flower surrounded by leaves and mud water. A symbol of serenity and unlikely not wet in the water. This picture has special impact on me visually and spiritually.
A calming Sunrise
A beautiful Sunrise, in a small suburb Shoghi near Shimla. This one come from one of my favorite places. Shoghi a place where one can have a peaceful time away from hectic routine, and noisy City.
The green leaf
This one was one of my entry for lined wpc challenge. A macro of a leaf, I love the color and the texture of this leaf. I just love plants and leafs and this one is my favorite color and shape and texture.
A blue rose
A blue rose, admired by many. I love this picture, a memory of witnessing my brothers birthday party after many years. This was in his bouquet gifted by a freind.
A colorful Sunrise
This one is another Sunrise, from window of my home. The colors are so beautiful during a fall Sunrise, it looks some one has painted a pink and purple sky, I wonder from where these colors comes!
Shell or shunkh
This one is from a recent lot of my pictures. We visited temple and this one was kept there, a shunkh or a Shell, my entry for twisted. It reminded me of one we used to have in our moms place, loads of memories it brings. It is not easy to blow and make sound from it, but ones if it makes it is sacred and cleans the air with it’s vibrations.

I wish you all a very Happy and fantastic time, I am here and you too stay around!!!

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brOken-rain drOps

Fearlessly, they fall,

Broken apart,

Yet motive stays intact,

They come together to nurture,

They flutter, to spread the joy,

Each drop, splinters and pools,

Making a big diffrence to the whole world,


Sharing happiness creates,

Ripples of joy in to the world,

Despite your fall,

Encore unite and cultivate the life!


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A mother crying holding her dead son,

With teary eyes and body numb,

No one can console her,

The most distress moment, of motherhood!!

A mother is crying holding her new born,

With teary eyes and body numb,

She is a first time mom,

The most cherished moment, of motherhood!!

Birth and death the two realities of life. It is really difficult to explain a mother’s feelings when she has to go through these two emotions. Niether it is easy to explain a mother’s pain on a loss of her child, nor her happiness when she gives birth to a new life!

The juxtapose feelings.

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famoUs-who, what, where, why?


Who am I?

What makes me, me, is not there on my about me page,

I am not packed in those few words,

I live a life beyond those pages,

I want to be famous but you don’t recognize my face,

The only thing I want to make happen is,

When you see yourself in the mirror or the unknown on a street,

It bring a smile on your face which shines through your eyes and brighten your face,

This small way we, you and me, will make a change,

‘We are the change’

I don’t know you,

You don’t know me,

But still, we exist and can make someone famous today,

The famous is one who is living this life with Grace!