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churning, frigid, hauled an – experience!

Hey!  why you are so frigid,

I wanted to ask them,

I wanted to try to churn their heart,

And haul what’s stored in deep in their hearts,

What’s taking their smiles away,

Wanted them to smile, and take them out from the dark,

But I was getting a vibe,

Not a good time to explore, their heart,

Though I tried to radiate, my smile and positive thought,

Slowly that may take out toxic from their heart,

And help them to bloom, and get their smile back,

 May it turn as a reason to restart!

I had some experience yesterday, and based on that I have written above lines. I was with an organization working for people in problems, and I felt real need to make them smile, to make them feel alive. They seemed without any sunlight, in a dark place.

Many times people leave hope, they just breathe air, but don’t feel alive.

This is my prayer to God, 🌸

God, please help them and provide your light,

Where we, as human beings fail,

You can do wonders,

Please help them, live their lives, and flourish as a soul,

a part of You!🌸

I wish you and them a big smile, may a smile spread across your lips and can be seen in your eyes, a true SMILE!


Daily POST, Daily Prompt, SunLight

raDiate your raDiance

She was on a travel with close family, in early years of her age. They reached a sacred place and thought to spend some time there. She set on her place and closed her eyes, trying to find something inside her ( if you feel you have to find something within just close your eyes and see whatever you have kept inside).  She was somewhere in deep, without any idea of time or surroundings, she was inside.

When she opened her eyes, everyone was looking at her. Her relative politely asked and confirmed with a smile, that ‘you were in deep meditation, I guess’. She smiled and surprisingly asked what happened, looked around at everyone. She was told that there is a radiant energy on her face, that’s why everyone is looking at her. Her energy was flowing from her eyes and face.

The aura an energy surrounds everyone, but it becomes visible when a true soul is being recognized by self and spreads the positive energy for others wellbeing as well. The basic thing has to be known that is radiating and not holding anything within. Spreading positive energy is the best, to make life more radiant and bliss.

May, the blissful radiance surround you!